D-Day long

Had enough sunlight? 06/09/2023

What is vitamin D?

D-Day long contains vitamin D, an essential nutrient for the metabolism with multiple functions. Vitamin D is involved in the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus from the diet and in the maintenance of bones and teeth. However, even the muscles and the immune system need vitamin D for their function.

The most important form of vitamin D is vitamin D3. The human organism can even produce this substance. However, this only works if there is sufficient sunlight and also it depends on where one lives. During the winter months the sunlight is usually not sufficient due to the low position of the sun. Studies show that up to two thirds of the population get too little vitamin D. Even in the summer, for example, the use of sunscreen causes that the body‘s vitamin D formation is often insufficient. By the way: Tanning salons are no alternative, because there the necessary UV-B radiation is filtered out, while it is associated with risks for the skin.

If there is no vitamin D formation by sunlight, the professional societies recommend a daily intake of 20 μg of this vitamin. A normal diet contributes little to the vitamin D supply. Because the vitamin is found only in a few foods (especially salmon, trout, herring, eel and mushrooms), normally only about 10 % of the demand are covered by food. Dietary supplements can fill this supply gap.

What is so special about D-Day long?

Vitamin D supplements there are many. Normally they must be taken every day in order to ensure a regular supply. D-Day long, an innovation of T&D Pharma is different: One of the easy-to-swallow capsules contains 140 μg (5600 I.U.) of vitamin D3 and covers the need for a whole week. It is best to take the capsules always at the same time, for example, on Sundays for breakfast.