Vitamin B-Complex AIWA

Made in Germany
32 / 60 capsules
  • Dietary supplement with vitamins of the B-complex
  • 32 capsules à 552 mg = 17.7 g or 60 capsules à 552 mg = 33.12 g
  • Plant-based capsule shell

Vitamins are essential nutrients that we need in sufficient amounts with the daily diet to ensure our body‘s normal function. They play a central role in virtually all metabolic areas. A diverse and balanced selection of food with plenty of vegetables, fruits and cereals, supplemented by dairy products, meat and fish supplies all the vitamins in the required amount. However, in practice many people do not always eat in the desired manner. In addition, the vitamin requirements may increase in certain life situations.

Special attention should be given to the vitamins of the B-complex. Because they are very sensitive, their content decreases during the storage and preparation of food. In addition, the human body can hardly save most of these water-soluble vitamins and is therefore dependent on a regular supply.

Vitamin B-Complex AIWA contains vitamins of the B-complex and is ideal for those who want to improve their vitamin intake. The special thing about it: The Vitamin B-Complex AIWA capsules are distinguished by the delayed release of the vitamins.